Robin's Nest RV Park

To show as much of the scenes as possible, the photos were taken with an extreme wide-angle lens, which exaggerates distances. Click on them for larger views.

Open for use from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily exclusively for Residents. All machines require 4 quarters. Not shown in the photo, there's a rack to hang clothes hangers on. The dryers use propane. There are also common use outside clothes-lines.
The 19' x 13' (255 sq. ft.) Lounge is adjacent to the Recreation Hall. It's always available to our residents and their guests.
The Recreation Area is 224' x 128', just under 2/3s of an acre. (The blue object is the water tank for our water system. It's now fenced in.)
The Recreation Hall has 1,545 sq. ft. It's always available to our residents and their guests on a 'not-to-interfere' basis with scheduled activities.
The kitchen is fully equipped; the range is gas (propane).
In past Winters we've seated up to 65 on our weekly 'open-to-the-public' BINGO evenings. The Hall's capacity is 92 persons.
Water & Sewer Plants
The park's chlorinated water is supplied by our own 4", 130' ground-water well. Sewage is processed in our 'activated sludge' system. (No, you can't smell it, even up close!) Both plants are run by a Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency Licensed Operator, who monitors both five (5) days a week.
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